Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pillsbury Bake-Off® Potholder Purse, Nashville Edition

Mr. Martha, oops, I mean Mr. GreenThumbWhiteApron sent me a little gift. He knew I had made a bag from potholders before, so he sent me his. I decided I'd make a tiny evening bag. 
First I decided on the message. I didn't have all of the letters I needed so I altered some. A "P" became a "2" and a sideways "N" became a "Z". Then I layed out some options.
Yuk. Nope. This is better. See the sideways "Z"?
I used jewelry glue to hold them in place. These potholders have a pocket, so I squeezed tight and pinched the glue into the fabric fibers.
Then I sewed them on. I passed the thread through the holes a couple of times, like sewing on a button.
Now what to do for a handle? Last time I used a sleeping bag zipper. In my scraps I found some really cool wide patterned shoe laces that I had got at Target.
How to attach? I cut one lace and pinned it on like this.
Boy is my photo color off. I sewed a straight stitch really close to the edge of the shoelace. Notice how I folded over the unfinished  top edge.
I pinned the shoelace to the other potholder. It looks skewed and wonky when pinned.
After I started sewing, I had to switch position of pins to fit under the presser foot and avoid the beads.
The machine didn't like sewing over the thick edge. "%@$#!" Seam ripper!
To finish, I tied the other shoelace to the loops on the potholder.
Hi big brother!
Can't wait to go out on the town in NASHVILLE because:
My recipe is here.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Garden Tour 2014

Mom, here are my garden tour pics for you. This is a mix of all 3 gardens.
What to do with a stump?
Mini fairy garden.
What great doggie steps!
 I liked the shape of these leaves.
I liked this support.
 These were so unusual, I thought they were fake.
This garden won a Star Tribune contest. See more pictures here
Lots of great stonework there.
And sculptures.
Here is my garden tour from 2010.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Best Grad Card EVER! (design by Emily Dyer)

Even though I COULD design my own card, I've been enjoying being a casual Silhouette consumer. Need a card? Download one of their many designs, cut and assemble. It would take that long to drive to the store pick one out and drive home.

Silhouette designer and friend Emily Dyer is constantly updating her store and I suggested she design some grad cards in her wonderful artful style. She did just that and it's now available at the Silhouette store here. It's fabulous for many many reasons.

I did a double cut on this thicker card stock on blade setting 7 and ran it at a slow speed.
There is so much cleverness in the design because the big STAR is holding the interior in place. It takes out the placement guesswork. Silhouette users will appreciated that.
I modified my scraps to spell out the graduate's name and blinged out with more stars. Love that Emily included a 2014 die cut. So cute.
The cleaverness continues. Where does the money go?
Here's an easy way to make an envelope. Cut a large one down to size. Just eyeball it.
Use a fanny wacker to mark your folding edge and crease it. Cut away top layer of the fold to eliminate bulk. Round the corners and glue bottom shut.
Finis. Well almost. Did I mention the back is fabulous too? I hand wrote Emily's design credits in the star area.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vera Makes a Bold Appearance

I visitied the Vera show at the Goldstein Gallery at the UofM's St. Paul Campus (my design school stompin' grounds). She created over 20,000 pieces in her career. Here are a few--all arfully displayed.
Purple walls made a stunning backdrop.
Incredible florals and color combinations.
Some were based on her travels.
I like how she invented her own icons.
Show runs through June 29, 2014.