Monday, December 28, 2009

Ham Croquettes

One of our family holiday food traditions.
From the Better Homes and Gardens Meat Cookbook, 1960.

Original recipe was deep-fried and used saltines.
Mom developed a baked version using techniques she learned
watching Cook's Illustrated on TV.

Brown the crumbs on the stovetop:

Nice close-up from my new camera.

Making the gooey white sauce.

Mixing in the ground ham.

Breading with egg white for maximum crunch.

Yuckky fingers.
Ready to bake, just 12 minutes at 375.˚

Don't forget to make more eggy white sauce as a topping.

Finis. Hope you like washing many pots and pans!

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  1. such a pleasure to see how to do it. You gots skills. I will try when we thaw the ham we bought on sale earlier this season. Thanks!