Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sewing Your Own Oats

I've found it's IMPOSSIBLE to duplicate a friend's recipe exactly as they made it.  Beth makes the greatest "stolen neiman marcus (or is it Mrs. Fields?) chocolate chip cookie" recipe. It uses oatmeal that you put in the food processor to make it a finer texture. Some of the chips are ground up too, which gives it a brownish/taupe-ish color. Then you bake for a VERY short period of time. So I tried it myself. Close, but I think I'll just let Beth make them. She has it all figured out. Perfect every time!

So on to BEV's oatmeal cookies. She brought them to a party at my house a few years ago and they were memorable. So memorable that when I saw her the other day, she was happy to give me the recipe.
Here's my attempt:

Things didn't start out very well. 
I set the microwave for 25 seconds...or so I thought. 

I wasted a whole pound of butter. @$%#! Thanks to mega quantities from Costco, I had more butter in the fridge so I moved forward with the project.

Standard mixing proceedure, sugar/butter, eggs/vanilla, dry, then oatmeal/chips. 

Nothing unusual, except for the delightfully scripted recipe which includes:

1 teaspoon soda (That’s baking soda not Coke)
3 cups “Old Fashion Oats” (Don’t be using any of that quick stuff)
½ cup chopped California walnuts (I’m sure there are other places in the world that grow walnuts)
1 cup raisons (leaving the raisons out or substituting would be sacrilege)

Well sacrilege, here I come, because I substituted BUTTERSCOTCH CHIPS. They are my vice of the month. And no nuts. The kids would have a fit.

Also in the recipe: "Here comes the good part – Eat while still warm."
My first pan of cookies were like pancakes, way too thin. But very edible.

So I added a smidge more flour:

Much better. This is the backside (probably a blog photography first):

One last tip from the creator: "For freezing: (But why not eat them all right now) Make rolls of dough and wrap in plastic wrap or waxed paper, seal in double freezer bag. Good for 3 to 6 months."

So I did it but this log doesn't have the extra flour so they will be pancakes. Can't believe I even own freezer paper...what did I buy that for anyway?

PS coming soon: my attempt at Dianne's Oatmeal cookies...but never mind. Let's just say hers can't be duplicated either.

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  1. Your cookies look good!! I'll bet they won't be pancakes if the dough comes right out of the freezer. Cold dough doesn't flatten as much. :)