Sunday, March 3, 2013

White Castle Anyone?

Yes, it's that time of year! The Parade of Homes has begun. Great time of the year to get out and dream a little. First up: castle house on Eagle Lake. I biked by it last fall and now we get to go inside!
We chuckled a little as we took our shoes off as we read the sign. 
Lots of square footage but no stop light.
Lots of granite and many LARGE rooms.
Next up was a pair of homes that I've noticed them building all winter. That is if you can find them. The new parade of homes web search is SO BAD (and there is no app for your phone). This is not where this great house was located. It's near the gravel pits on the way to the high school. 
Parade homes are perfectly marketed to appeal to buyers. The science-y decor appealed to my daughter.
Complete with felted dryer lint ottoman and pretzel jar that was glued shut.
There is ALWAYS a skateboard themed room in Parade houses. Looks like they threw in a Vikings bag as an afterthought.
The rooms are so clean. No computer coards in sight.
In the kitchen, near the stairs was "Command Central", which was actually a really good idea. A place to plan your day, hide your mail and send out invitations to all of the fabulous parties you will have in this house. 
I liked the flooring in this sunny room.
These are large square vinyl (i think) tiles that were grooved and used in a bathroom.
Loved the subway tiles and spacious shower. Complete with music and a ticket booth.
Now back to our own 1989 parade house to daydream about the huge mudroom, spacious pantry, finished basement, white woodwork, clean sinks, 2nd floor laundry, stairway landing tv watching playrooms...

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