Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gaines Burgers Anyone? My Road to Making the Perfect Melting Snowman Cookies

I saw this on Pinterest last year and wanted to try it for this year's Cookie Exchange.

There are millions of versions. Some have pretzel arms or toasted marshmallow heads. 
I think Better Homes & Gardens magazine started it with this recipe

I used the pumpkin cookie recipe my kids love as the base. The cookies are orange-ish, so tinting them red would not be a stretch. 
I used 2T professional grade color from Lynn's Cake and Candy
I flattened them with a spatula so they would not become domes.
When baked, the color was a beautiful red. 
What would work for a hat? Byerly's had bell shaped Reese's Peanut butter cups. How to cut with out breaking them? Do it in two steps. Score edge with a very thin sharp knife (or EXACTO) and then cut in half.
What frosting would work? I asked the lady at LC&Candy and she recommended this.
It worked like a dream. Just heat in the microwave for 10 seconds. I got better at slathering it on and creating cute irregular edges as I worked. 
The eyes are mini chocolate chips and the carrot is just an orange sprinkle. What about the packaging? LC&C had clear clamshells. I had cupcake liners but they were too small. I widened the bottoms by forming over a tin can.
With labels the job was complete.
See how the frosting is much cuter when it is irregular?

But wait, what's this talk about Gaines Burgers? I had leftover cookie dough and wanted to try to make a red velvet powdered sugar crusted cookie like this (also from Pinterest).
I rolled some dough balls in sugar and baked them.
My hub said, "They look like Gaines Burgers!" If you are too young to know what that is, check out these videos. I didn't know they had been around in the 60s.
Eventually, they added the pouch. Watch this one.
Hey, wasn't there Gravy in those pouches?  
Nope. Don't confuse this with Gaines GRAVY TRAIN
Whatever happed to Gaines? Wiki doesn't say much here.

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  1. It is such a delight to be in a cookie exchange with you. I put everything in the freezer so when we are finally all together as a family, we look thru them all and admire. It is fun to see it here first!