Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Had the greatest lunch the other day.

No, I didn't have to drive 331 miles to Pasty's in upper Michigan.

Just cranked my oven to 350˚ for an hour.

Popped in a frozen Pasty (past-ee) from Byerly's and few taters.

Made some beef broth gravy.

Voila! Home-made goodness.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

As Seen on TV

I have a fondness for AS SEEN ON TV products.  Maybe it's because I used to work for K-tel. So every XMAS, I glom on to one of them and buy them everyone, CUZ kids LUV as seen on tv stuff! This year it was the BIG TOP CUPCAKE!

First you bake the cake. Normal cakes take about a half hour to bake. Towards the end of baking, the cake batter bubbled up and spilled over the top like a volano. Really cool effect for kids.

I thought the lava flow would ensure a fully-baked cake. You can see here that at 45 minutes, it still wasn't cooked completely:

When it's baking, it rises up to into a big cone, which needs to be sawed off to flatten it out.

Here is the aftermath (with plenty of scraps to snack on):

At this point the meltdown and whining started: "This is horrible, it doesn't look like the picture! Mommy you do it...(fuss fuss mess mess)."

So I smoothed it out and topped with with some sprinkles.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Make Your Own Cocoa Crispix

What to do with a plate of leftover graham crackery xmas cookies?

Put them in the food processor and grid them up.

I like to put a scoop of it on my breakfast cereal.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Score with Personalized Cards!

Every year we get a holiday card from a realtor friend that is personally illustrated for him. It stands out amid all of the others I get.

Susanne's Cards doesn't have a website -- sometimes you just don't need one. Here is her info: