Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's Been a Blue Ribbon Kind of Year

I've been looking forward to meeting Marjorie Johnson at The Woods gift shop all week.
She's been on Jay Leno, The View and she even baked a pie with Martha Stewart last year.

I wanted to give her something special. One of my recipes? 
A bag my Reindeer Ravioli? Nope-I was out of time. So from this crafty mess - 
came this...
... in about 30 minutes.
How would I give it to her?
And what would we chat about?
Why the Pillsbury Bake-off® of course...she's been 3 times in the 70s. She won a fridge from Monty Hall (to Betsy Chan: don't you have a Monty Hall story too?). I could have talked to her for hours. Now off to read her cookbook and decide what to make first.