Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fikan Gut Baby Gifts

Lunch at Fika was beyond beautiful.

From Swedish Institute gift shop.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

When Antiques and Crafts Collide

 Junk Bonanza is twice a year at Canterbury. It's a show that combines antiques and crafts.  There were booths with just plain ol' antiques. 
This vendor had a great selection of items.
But it was the painting that blew me away.
Some booths had a mix of repurposed items used in creative ways.
Simple, but so pretty.
I've always thought it would be neat to make new versions of old signs. This booth did just that. Good font choices. Well done!
Slideshow lampshades. The epitome of hipster craft.
The woman who wrapped this ironing board with tape measures was quite proud of it and deservingly so. She's not on the internets so don't go looking for her.
What really drew me to the event was the design competition on the 2nd floor. Love this steampunk style lamp.
This title is quite fitting as I wondered if there was a table to get a booster shot in the entryway.
Funny that the homeowner's address was on the bottom of the oil can that this trailer is made from. 
This hanging fixture was really impressive.
I bet this mosaic was heavy.
My favorite at the show by far was Paul Larson. 
I love a good collage that tells a story. Reminds me of Chris Roberts Antieau's work, except she uses fabric.
Paul Larson had a booth selling fabulous collages.
I'm not sure if Paul won one of these cool medals. My vote was for him.
PS you can view the winners here.