Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mike's New Mike

my brother needed a new microwave. 
he's been using my parent's 1975-ish model for quite some time.
 it still works, but maybe it wasn't very energy efficient.
i think it was $400-$500 new, which in today's dollars would be quite a bit.

the cool part is the spinning dials and the flipping numbers on the clock. notice the temperature settings and food suggestions for high. "Flash Defrost" was my favorite setting. it even had a probe to detect the internal temperature  while cooking.
say goodbye to your old friend.
whenever we go up north someone always gets hurt.
the perfect home for my pillsbury bake-off prize.
 did anyone bring any microwave popcorn?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Light Construction, 1953 (post 1 of 4)

My dad was selling these books at his garage sale, called "Light Construction File, 1953".
It is a giant bound book of home supply catalogs from 1953. Roofing, siding, tiling and kitchens are shown here. A great reference if you have a rambler, but even better if you are a graphic designer. The typography and layout is great. Naturally, I love the big "S".
See the S on the house?

Love it when the type is literally what it is:

This one reminded me of my layout for vita.mn.

Brands we still know are represented, like Armstrong.

The winner of the HGTV's design star, Meg Caswell used peg board in one of her challenges.

I also really like it when the logo is a person made from their product. No company dares to do that any more, because they might introduce a new product and control man won't work for their sprinkler division. Now companies have names like Nortivia and Gigacom and a squiggle or circle is their logo. 

Gotta dash. Stay tuned for 3 more posts on this topic.