Saturday, August 24, 2013

For a Good TIme, Follow Along

Every year our department spruces up the Star Tribune booth at the Minnesota State Fair with new signage.
We hand out free lip balm. This year's flavor is BRAT BALM.
That font is Hucklebuck, in case you were wondering.

We also create and sell shirts there. Some of the old favorites are back.
My stuff on a stick illustration sells well every year.
2013 Pulitzer prize winner Steve Sack created this all new design. Fab!
Attention state of Texas, I had nothing to do with this. Repeat nothing.

I hired the talented Faye Passow to illustrate a new shirt. She's designed wonderful products seen in gift shops all over the country under her KeeptheFaye brand. Recognize this?
Her stuff is wonderfully drawn and witty.
And greeting cards. Wonderful.
She's also a fine artist. You can buy her prints here. And she loves the State Fair. Her work is in the juried show at the fair every year. 

Our wonderful booth manager Martha (here's my daughter's portrait of her, but she didn't like the mouth she drew),

 wanted to sell a shirt with a state fair map on it. She loves all things Disney so I got to thinking about this Valleyfair poster I had in my room when I was a kid.
I loved looking at all of the of the detail in the map.
Which led to this.
Faye delivered with fabulous detail and humor.
You'll be happy to know the shirts are printed right here in MINNESOTA.
Here's the four color press in operation.
And the best part? It's ONLY TEN BUCKS!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Some Fairly Good Minne-Artists

Love the artwork that kids made at the Carver County Fair.
 Great color and fine detail:
Love art on black backgrounds:
Where is my collection of Laurel Burch jewelry? 
"Oh, no!" I just learned she passed away in 2007. What a loss.

Nice portraits:
And typography:
Nice quirky girl and restrained color palette:
Good textures and emotion:
How about these birds?

And critters?
And the effort: Alcatraz in TOOTHPICKS!
Prizes for all of you!