Thursday, December 30, 2010

How Willy Wonka Saved the Cookie Exchange

Mom was really into ordering premiums from the back of cereal boxes when I was a kid.

My kit came with Wonka bar molds, my favorite cereal characters and few holiday shapes.

 It's even "Made in the U.S.A." How great is that?

Also included were illustrated instructions and Wonka Bar wrappers.  I remember not wanting to use them up. Maybe if they had color copiers back then I would have.

Looks easy enough. Right?
Wrong. It doesn't work with CAKEPOPS batter. 
I thought if I froze them, they would pop right out like ice cubes, 
as they had showed in the instruction book.
After cleaning out the 2-sided Oompa Loompa mold a couple of days later, I tried again with tinted white chocolate. 
Appetizing... huh?
Yippee! It worked. My cookie exchange bag included hot pink cake balls and my precious divinity. I also made Santa's Buttons (from refrigerated fundraising cookie sale batter, how lame is that?) as a back-up.

And how about a witch to spread that holiday cheer?
 What cereal is she from anyway?


  1. Very cool....and as for the "witch"....might that be King Vitamin? ;)

  2. you know they're great, don't you?

  3. Awesome! I remember these! My mom was into premiums, too.

  4. Just fyi, if you tap out the molds (i.e. drop them repeatedly from a very short height) after you fill them with the warm chocolate, and before you cool them, those air bubbles will rise to the top and the finished candies won't have the holes in them :)

  5. Could I please buy your wonka molds and whatever else comes with them if you still have them please, i've been looking for them forever!

  6. Would it be possible to rent the wonka bar mold? My son is wishing for a Wonka birthday and i cannot find them any where! I would pay for shipping. :-)