Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dutch Baby Blob

I came across ANGRY CHICKEN's post on a Dutch Baby. Click here for the recipe. I'd heard of it before and always wanted to try it. First you make a pancake like batter. Very easy.
I melted butter in a glass pie plate in the oven to heat up the dish--more on what I SHOULD HAVE DONE later. You just pour the batter in the dish and bake it.

It puffs up and up and up while it bakes. Kids will love it.
Tastes great too, like french toast and popovers mixed together. I put a little melted butter on mine. You can also do syrup or jam. But please don't sprinkle with powdered sugar. That's my pet peeve of baking. The phrase "pet peeve" is also a pet peeve of mine.
OK, back to the pan. As you can see it stuck to the bottom. I made this on a weeknight with a recipe I found on the internet. Wouldn't you know that on Saturday, Cook's Country TV did an episode on it? They used an AC stainless steel pan (which I gave away because mine was warped...errrr) and added lemon juice and rind. Next time I will try that. Here's the link to their version.

UPDATE: March 4th
Today I tried the Cook's Country Dutch Baby recipe (Feb/Mar 2010 issue, pg 19). The results were quite different. Their recipe called for lemon rind mixed in with the batter. My daughter was not a fan of that addition...I was ok with it being an adult and all, but she's right. No need for it. I like it when it just tastes like popovers.
The recipe called for vegetable oil and a GOOD-LY amount as Martha Stewart would say. Preheat oil in pan in very HOT oven 10 minutes. I used a non-stick skillet since it's remotely close to what the recipe called for. 

The result was quite different than using the glass pie plate. Only the sides puffed up and not the center. Very dramatic in a different kind of way. The GOOD-LY amount of oil was actually a GOOD THING (ha ha), as it easily slid out of the pan onto the cutting board. 

If you are going to do ANGRY CHICKEN's recipe, just add more oil/butter to the glass pie plate. 
And if you make Cook's Country's recipe, skip the lemon.


  1. I've never tried to make them but we used to beg mom to make them when we were little so this made me very nostalgic!

  2. I saw the show too and wrote it all down. I am going to try it for Steve's birthday breakfast! Great post!

  3. I just bought a new 10" Calphalon at Williams and Sonoma (they are having a good deal right now). Now I know how I want to break it in. :)