Monday, September 30, 2013

Gone to the Big Bruno Sand Dune in the Sky

Who knew that today would be his last?
We got kitty over 10 years ago and named him after a state park in Idaho.
He was already about 7 years old and a little tubby.
So mellow and easy going. You could pile anything on him.
Great with little kids.
And Westies.
And Scotties.
He loved the sun (but really--who doesn't?).
And hot concrete.
Hanging with a posse
can get you into trouble.
He liked snow.
There's nothing cuter than kitty paws.
Sweet dreams kitty!


  1. The tribute was so fitting! night night.

  2. beautiful tribute... sending you love :P
    btw, I also have a westie and have always loved pets... it's definitely difficult when their time is up... *sniff*sniff*

  3. So sweet. He looks like he was a pretty darn cool cat. I'm so sorry for your loss. They really grab onto your heart, don't they? Wonderful tribute you've given him here.

  4. I love your blog obit to Bruno. Sorry he's gone!