Monday, October 20, 2014

Marjorie Turns 29. Again!

It had been on my TO-DO list for too long: Send Marjorie a birthday card. Send her some pictures from our Pillsbury Bake-Off® Alumni brunches. 
I did some sketches.
Then I made a dieline with my Silhouette software and the machine cut it out.
OOOPPPS. The lines were very straight and when I popped out the design it was not a solid piece. See below how the eyes are floating and the hair is all wrong on the right side.
Back to the drawing board. I re-did the dielines. Now the lines were curved and all are connected to each other.
And it's all one piece. 
I love the negative space left behind as much as the positive.
I made a couple more. Looks the the drama masks.
Looks just like her, right? 
She has a HUGE smile.
Now I can cross that off my TO-DO list. Happy 29th Marjorie!

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