Monday, January 23, 2012

Walker Art Center - Graphic Design Exhibit

TV show posters in back wall are a reminder of how simple design can be.
They can be purchased here.

 There was equipment to make your own poster.
 So we did.  The lady with the cool braid made one too.

Who was this chair designed for?
Inked art should read "too".
 I don't like posters that tell you what to do, or remind you of our crappy economy. But i do like the color and they remind me of how much i like white frames on white walls.
Liked this info graphic so much that i had to overlook how out of focus it is.
As much as i liked the voting aspect of this part of the show,
i've seen all of these before/afters on brand new blog.

by bob barton. of course i like anything hand drawn.
and drawn badly in a good kind of way.
 like how i positioned the relections of the overhead lights on this cover?
i appreciate how much work went into this cover that the average person would dismiss in one brief glance. note to self: where are my old spy magazines? Guess i can skip the spider-filled crawl space. You can find them here.
 lizzy this is for you. a blinged out cover but of course only released in england:
 i can only image how many years it took to die cut this book:

The wallpaper as i exited the show just made me smile in an IKEA kind of way.

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