Sunday, March 24, 2013

Francoise is NOT a boy.

Francoise Seignobosc (prounouced say-nyoh-boh') was born in November, 1897, or 1900, in Lodeve, Herault, France. She grew up in France, but eventually came to the United States. She wrote, and self-illustrated, children's books. She died in 1961. SHE? I assumed it was a guy.
I picked this up at a library book sale. The librarian had written in the last name. She must have been the Cher of childdren's books.
 The story is about a girl who loses her duck.
I thought the pages had framing potential, but it took a few years to have the guts to cut up the book. Look what I found inside these frames? EYEYEEEE! Ann Geddes. Very 90s!
My photocopied leaf collection, because real leaves framed will fade and crumble. 
My mom's drawings from her fashion illustration class at the UofMN (the same class I took 30 years later).
She didn't like drawing faces.
Here's the arrangement. OK for a girls room, but not the dining room.
Now, it's time to flip out the living room artwork.

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