Monday, June 24, 2013

Make Art That Sells Weak 3: Hans Goes Solo

This week's assignment was illustrating the cover or a spread from Hans Christian Anderson's "The Snail and the Rose Tree." A depressing fairy tale and in today's terms it's much like the B side of single that never made it.

First up snail research. The cute thing I learned about snails is that their eyes are on top of the antennas.

I thought about the Rose Tree. Many of the students in the class made them into sweet cute ladies.
We also drew titles and quotes from the story.

Of course, the snail doesn't want to be lame and just grow roses like the tree, he wants to go to the MOON.
See the number 5? That is my 5th attempt at the composition of the sketch.
This remains needs hours and hours of work. To do list:
1. finish the outer space world. 
2. The snails don't match. 
3. Fix the way beavers really cut down trees, like a pencil point.
4. Add some rose vines to the blast off tree or passenger on the snail. 
5. the lady on the left has dark lines and the moon scene has black lines.

After working on that for a WHOLE day, my daughter said she liked this direction better.
Lilla said to create great environments. 
Without any power from the storm, I used my door as a lightbox.
Yes, the boy is zombie creepy and so is the girl. Without the internet and electricity, I could not go to Pinterest and find out what a ballet shoe, raccoon or Sherlock's hat looked like. 
After stealing some power from the neighbors, I made those corrections and I turned this in:
I also did an all pink version.
Is there Hans Christian Anderson the IVth? My apologies to the Anderson family.


  1. I love the odd clues--makes me want to know WTH is going on. I enjoy seeing the screen door as light box....YOU DID IT!

  2. LOVE. What a cool class. I can't wait to see what else you do.