Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer School with Lilla Rogers - Weak Too

For Make Art That Sells this week, we designed plates for all of the great stores I like to shop at like Crate&Barrel & Anthropologie. Topic? Plants.

From my photo library I found this interesting ground cover.
I tried pencil. 
Then ink.
A photo of a cut tree stump from downtown that i posterized in photoshop:

From that, I got this:
Not really me. And no, I'd never buy that. So I moved on to creepier plants.
Close, but it still didn't wasn't quite me...and those pattern plates looked like something I'd seen at Target before.
Then I had an AH HA moment. I wanted to create work that that makes you smile.
I turned around in my living room and saw the pictures that i did a LONG TIME AGO hanging over my couch. How would that look on a plate?
I needed to capture that. So I started over AGAIN! 
From that I got this:
I modified the palette to a taupe (thistles are purple) and turned this in as my final.
Think I like the black better.

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  1. laura, I love that you had to answer to yourself. The border is you as a designer the thistle is you as an illustrator! Bravo!