Thursday, December 26, 2013

My 2 Xmas Breads and Pictures for FRED

For xmas eve Jean always makes a giant pot of wild rice soup. See the cute santa hat? Jean made those for everyone.
I made 2 breads to go with the soup. First up: Rich and Tender American Dinner Rolls from the ATK Family cookbook.
I also made Betty Crocker's Focaccia. I topped with Dubliner cheese instead of parmesan. 
Recipe is on page 90.
I didn't have fresh rosemary so I added 1 TBSP of Tuscan Sunset.
Compared to the hours and hours of butter layering my brother did for xmas day, my effects seemed lame. He learned how from the America's Test Kitchen TV show. 
It's all in the family: pre-xmas popovers from my mom.
I needed to throw together a quick cheese tray and this was a hit.
We enjoyed a white xmas.
So did the puppies.
And the kids.
Did I mention that with a blog post about xmas, you get EGG ROLL?
 Sorry Martha, but your recipe yielded a lot of grease. I should have followed the process on the back of the egg roll package. It said to sauté the pork first and then drain the grease.
I've never made egg rolls before and the rolling easy. The egg wash really holds them together. 
Make sure your helper is wearing a lot of BLING.

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  1. Egg rolls look amazing! I've never made these before. My son loves them. I'll have to try sometime!