Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Holiday Decor Didn't COST (plus) Much

Last year after Christmas I picked up these placemats at Cost Plus World Market for a buck 29.
Wonder why I picked these out?
After 3 attempts at new decor last year, I decided to try something new. A banner in the entryway would be cool. I found this really thick yarn in the basement to attach the placemats to.
 Once I removed the label it was a tangled mess. An hour later I had this. Miss you KITTY!
I measured the door opening and marked the center points with twist-ties.
I spaced them with glue sticks, working from the center point out.
Don't cry supermodel. I'll get this done.
I still had more placemats left.
I usually swap out the art to my holiday drawings.

I even had new material from my class to use but wanted it all to match.
I put on my scrapbooking hat and made these with our old xmas cards.
Feeling a little left out Mr. Westie?