Sunday, November 3, 2013

Feelin' Maple Groovy

When you get out on foot in your own backyard, there are many things to discover. Who knew we had this cool bandshell overlooking a pond?

Complete with trendy patterns.
Complete with Minnesota made LOLL furniture.
Our library is home to several public art installations.
Watch out for dragons!
We have giant power lines running through the city that are now my best friends.

Maple Grove was settled by Pierre Bottineau in the 1850s.

He had a cute house that is preserved at the park:
We also have a lot of BORING houses here.
No, I don't live in the cute house below, but i know who does.
Maple Grove is also home to gravel pits, a giant windmill that powers the entire town (jk!) and Jessie Ventura (he moved away). It's also home to every chain restaurant on earth. Armed with that info and 75 hours of vacation time, here is the result:

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