Sunday, November 10, 2013

Veteran's Day 2010 in Vegas

Thinking about Vegas today because the Pillsbury Bake-Off® is going on there and I realized that I was in Vegas the same cool fall weekend 3 years ago. Enjoy these pics. The is the Aria/Cosmo part of town.
Saw Viva Elvis. The pink lighting changes to every color of the rainbow.
Went to a fancy party at a warehouse off the strip.
Hung with celebrities like the CSI guy and MN boy Herculies.
No Hall just Oates: "Sarah SMILLLLLEEEE I Won't you SMILE AWHILE WITH me Sara."
Ate good food. Hash House a DON'T GO. Music TOO LOUD AT 11am!
Vosages Hot Chocolate Bar at midnight.
Saw the sights. Legal disclaimer: these neon photos ARE NOT FOR SALE. 
Did you know Brad Pitt was photographed on this arrow for Vanity Fair?
Day trip east.

Window shopped.
How about these fabulous lighted stairs?
All trips that involve flying are not successful unless they include this:

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