Monday, November 11, 2013

I Wannabee a Screen Printer

I've always wanted to learn screen printing so I can make cool t-shirts. Usually that need happens the day before a gift giving occasion. Should I spend three hours at a mall or just whip up a shirt? I had designed some cool aprons last spring when Pillsbury asked for apron ideas online. I revised the artwork to reflect the Pillsbury Bake-Off® Wannabee Facebook group and Cooking Contest Central.
This art is so clean and neat. Would paint work?
I practiced on a scrap of fabric
Not perfect, but just pretend it is supposed to look that way. I used a lightbox so I could see the image underneath.
I made a few in a variety of colors.
Wait. This one says "Winner Bee". Whos' that?
I packaged them up and sent them off to Vegas for a few of my friends. 
PS The fabric paint bottle says they are machine washable. And to the ladies, I apologize for the horrible fit. Just roll up the sleeves and belt it for a cuter look!

PPS UPDATE November 12, 2013: Here's a photo of Christina with my shirt in Las Vegas. Photo by Cooking Contest Central
And thanks for the compliments Pillsbury! Looking forward to seeing you in Nashville next year (hopefully)!


  1. THe yellow one looks great Laura ! well done. I've never tried screen printing although I bought a kit half price from a friend so I'll have a go next year :) Do see if you can get a follow this blog button in your right hand margin - I've got a 'Join this site' button on my blog ( also blogger) which you just click to follow and it's a blogger app that you find in the layout bit I think - just add and drag into the layout bit.

  2. Really thoughtful send off gift!

  3. Awesome job, Laura!!! The PBOW items are GREAT!!!!!!!

  4. Absolutely love it, Laura!!!! You really amaze me! Cathy was sporting the oven mitt purse at PBO and everyone was in love with it.

  5. Love my t-shirt Laura! What an honor to have some of your gorgeous art work to wear! You are so creative & talented! Thank you so much!