Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Eye Eye Eye, Me, Me MEEE-DIA

I've put all of my links in one spot for friends and family. It all started with Food Network in 2005. Here's a link to the TV show,  Winning Holiday Cookies:
Here's the recipe for Have S'more Rockin' Reindeer Ravoili: (P.S. don't bake it for a half hour like they say, 13-15 minutes does the trick)
So fast forward to the spring of 2009, when I created Pepperoni-Pesto Popovers for the 44th Pillsbury Bake-Off® contest. I was selected to complete with 100 other finalists in Orlando, Florida for the million dollar prize!
The interviews started with a Star Tribune article written by Kim Ode about the Minnesota finalists.

Then I got some TV experience on KARE 11 with Pat Evans, host, and co-finalist Cathy Wiechert (the mini-video in on the right side of the screen about half way down the page).
And then I went solo on KMSP's Twin Cities Live with Elizabeth Ries and John Hanson:
Babette from BakeSpace.com captured some video footage from the floor of the contest. Click here to view.

Here's my big WIN on youtube. That's Sandra Lee of Food Network giving me the prize. Funny how it all came full-circle, back to Food Network!

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