Monday, May 3, 2010

SOOOOO a Needle Pulling Thread...

Remember when Maria from the Sound Of Music made outfits out of curtians? A few years ago I picked up this fabric at Unique Thift.  It was a nice cotton that was made into 2 lengthy curtian panels. I paid less than 3 bucks for it.

I thought the pattern/color was very similiar to a dress I had just seen in Vogue. This spring at Target I saw these dresses and thought the fabric was very similar to curtian fabric stashed in the basement. Maybe Target was inspired by the dress in Vogue, too.

Elastic waist skirts are also very "IN" this year.  I picked up WIDE elastic at Joann Fabrics for $6.

Sammy has a skirt similiar to the ones above. Looked very easy to duplicate. Idea is now hatched.

I put the girls to work. They learned how to make and pull a gathering thread & press and sew a hem.

Of course all couture creations involve fittings.

All for less than $5 bucks each. Don't they look great? I still have enough fabric to make one more...


  1. So very cute!! Unfortunately for me, I had a traumatic sewing event in home ec class when I was in high school. It involved a corduroy jumper. Now, I hyperventilate even when I have to sew a button on....

  2. You have set the stage! Well DOne!