Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Garage Condo: The new "UP NORTH"

Last weekend we were invited to "CARS AND CAFE", an early morning event that's over and done with by 11am. It has a flea market, carnival-like atmosphere, but the items on display and aren't for sale. It's held at the Auto Motor Plex in Chanhassan, right near Paisley Park studios. Upon arrival, the first thing we saw were tons of people and heard the roar of expensive engines.

The next thing we saw were the "garage condos".  
Rows and row of the them, many with great garage decor.

There's a main lodge. If this place had a pool, 
you could come here for a vacation.

Cars aren't the only things housed here. 
I saw a guy working on a great big boat. 
I also learned what a "Rat Rod" is.

It's a car that is intentionally left rusty and raw. 
The surface is sealed so the rusty stays perfect. Really cool!

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