Saturday, May 15, 2010

One-butt HOT dish

I've been thinking a lot about appliances lately. My husband recalled that in our first townhouse, we had a stove with a dishwasher where the oven should be. The oven must have been above the range. I have no recollection of that. When we moved to a real house, our new kitchen was much smaller, with a "one-butt" kitchen, as I called it. All you had to do is pivot and everything was "right there". It had horrible oak cupboards (actually top-notch quality if you like oak), and pink art deco wallpaper.
Way back when I was cooking in those kitchens, I remember making enchiladas a lot. At the time I thought it was a LOT of work. After taking a 10-year break from making them, I revisited it--on a work night. I could no longer find my old recipe, so I just did what it said on the can.
The only thing I changed was to add green onions on top to garnish. 
I used flour tortillas from Trader Joe's (the best, in my opinion). The organically raised burger was from there too. Enchilada sauce came from Cub Foods. The cheese is shredded from a big block of Costco co-jack. And the green onions? Target.
This was so EASY to make! And everyone liked it. It was very mild in flavor, so the kids could eat it. AND it wasn't the big production I remembered. Or has cooking just gotten easier for me over the years?

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